The Ultimate Soldier of Love

I just found out that my girl, Sade is about to drop a new album, Soldier of Love, on February 8, 2010. I am always very excited to see this incredible woman ( that I absolutely adore ) put out new material. I just listened to the new title track from the album and I’m honestly not really sure what to think. I am definitely NOT feeling it 100%, BUT there are SOME elements that make it nonetheless endearing. Yes, it’s got that classic Sade feeling but it also includes some weak musical elements and arrangements. I find the military marching drums and horns, the HO’s , and the use of wild wild west somewhat strange and oddly contrived. It’s as if she was pitching this track to be the theme song for a major Hollywood film.  I hope the rest of the album brings us some stronger material or at least songs that will grow on me with time. However, I LOVE the album cover. I think it is a gorgeous image. Here’s crossing my fingers for some goodness, not just on the outside but on the inside too!


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