Georgia on my mind…

Painting by the one and only Gene Pendon

This morning I woke up with Georgia Anne Muldrow on my mind. Thanks to my boy Pablo and his first ever podcast, Sound Advice 30 : Pablo Aravena on The World’s Best Ever website I was reminded of her beautiful track, Roses.

I LOVE this woman’s music! Not only is her voice killer, but she is also a sick producer. Georgia is one of the most banging female producers out there right now. RESPECT!  Her melodic sensibility and her incredible use of harmony inspires me to no end. Actually, she was a huge inspiration on a track I just finished recording, Sarinha, for my upcoming album. This track is the first single that Public Transit Recordings is going to release early in the new year as a preview for my full length album Messages From The Future.

PS…I also had the absolute pleasure of meeting the woman herself at the Red Bull Music Academy Toronto 2007. It was definitely one of the highlights of my experience at the academy.

Georgia, Dudley Perkins, and yours truly!

Georgia performing at RBMA Toronto 2007


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