A couple of my favorite tracks of 2010

What a year 2010 has been for music. Here is a modest list of some of my favorite songs of the year.

I will confess off the top I have an extremely weak spot for soulful buttery vocals, heavy baselines and synths, dark sensibilities, and banging beats that can transport you to another world or simply make you lose your mind on the dance floor.

So without further ado here are 12 of my top tracks of 2010.



1- War Within – Slakah the Beatchild, Ebrahim, & Tingsek

Slakah, Ebrahim, and Sweden’s Tingsek hooked up this year and released this free track as promo for their Vibe, Love, Smile tour. I’m so glad they did, cause this song officially makes me crazy. All the musical elements are in the right place at the right time to make this track damn near perfection.  Killer synths and bass, a banging beat, INCREDIBLE VOCALS, particularly back vocals that can be compared to D’Angelo’s masterpieces, a catchy hook and simple lyrics that we can all feel. The only problem with this track is that it is TOO damn short!

*** Saw these guys rip it up together at The Goods this year. I must confess it wasn’t totally my bag BUT the musicianship and vocals were tight. What really amazed me was Tinsek’s voice. I had never heard of him before and he is amazing live.


2-  Night Air – Jamie Woon

I only discovered Jamie’s genius this year thanks to Amelia’s killer blog PUT ME ON IT . Thanks girl! Now, I can honestly say I think he is one of my new favorites.  His voice is simply GORGEOUS and his tracks are beautiful. Look out for this boy cause word is he’s dropping an album in 2011. I am anxiously awaiting the day Jamie!


3- Caribou – Odessa

From the very first second that I heard this track I have to say I just lost my shit. This track is EPIC. It brings together all the elements you long to hear in an epic track ; a killer beat, a beautiful voice, catchy lyrics, emotional progressions, and a dark dance-floor sensibility. I played this song on repeat probably 25 times that first day.  I’m also so proud Daniel’s Canadian and representing. Actually the whole album is great. My second favorite track is Sun.


4- Mara TK – Run ( away from the valley of fear )

Mara TK is one massive talent to watch for in 2011. This track is actually a preview to his solo ep coming out next year. You might know him from New Zealand’s super soulful group, Electric Wire Hustle, which has begun to carve out a serious following worldwide. They make amazing future soul music you can groove to.  I had the absolute pleasure of hanging with Mara at the Red Bull Music Academy in 2007. He’s a mad talent with an INCREDIBLY soulful voice that can bring tears to your eyes. I  nearly did when I saw him performing Motherless Child during a showcase at the academy. Keep on bringing it Mara! Click on the link above to hear the song on his Bandcamp page.


5- Onra – High Hopes featuring Reggie B.

This track makes me crazy! Onra killed it this year by putting out his masterpiece album, Long Distance. I love the entire album but High Hopes is my jam. I also want to give it up massively for Reggie B who is one of my favorite vocalists to collaborate with all the serious cosmic hip hop funk and soul heads worldwide. This man has been bringing it ever since I first heard his stellar vocals on New Worlds , a collaboration with the Big Payback (which is actually Onra & Byron the Aquarius) on Jay Scarlett & Circulations New Worlds compilation in 2008.


6- Stumble – Bonjay

I’m so happy to see Bonjay’s Alanna and Pho KICKING ASS this year. They dropped their killer album, Broughtupsy in October and have been touring and making magic all over as of late. Alanna’s voice is like butta and Pho’s production is massive.

Stumble is my jam simply because I want to dance every time I hear it and the twin videos are SICK! Bonjay decided to make two videos for the track, each with a different dancer performing a choreography by Dana Michel. Wow! I teach a couple dance classes a week and I’ve been using Stumble as my warm up track for the last couple months. This track makes me want to go crazy. Addy, the dancer in the video below is simply FIERCE! I gotta say Want a Gang is also a top track for me.


7- Ariel – Stateless ( Dark Sky Remix )

I just discovered Dark Sky’s work literally a month ago. I stumbled upon him on Soundcloud and proceeded to listen to all of his tracks . At first I was drawn into his Kelis remix which was on repeat for two days but THEN I found Ariel. I feel in love. Deeply in love. This remix makes me want to lose my shit and go crazy on the dance floor. Stateless’ original version of Ariel is beautiful BUT I think Dark Sky took it to the next level.


8- Maverick Sabre – Inside ft Footsie

Gotta give it up to Scott C. for playing this track on the Goods radio show. I went bananas when I first heard it. This track kills me! It’s so hype. Here’s my suggestion for you… Play this song crazy loud , let go and just DANCE and then tell me what you think. Maverick released it on his album, The Travelling Man Mixtape, earlier this year.


9- Whoops – STAC

This is simply a beautiful track. I just love it. I wrote an entire entry on her earlier this year called Stac it Up!


10- Cruise Control – Eric Lau

Eric Lau always brings smokin’ hot beats that have the power to take you away. I love this little gem.


11- Detriot –  Moonstarr

This year my bro Moonstarr released a couple projects on Public Transit Recordings, however my favorite has to be a re-release of  Detriot. It makes me wanna go crazy! Below you will find a little preview video to his recent nostalgic release, The Archive. I have to give a BIG shout out for another one of his tracks which is my second fave this year, Monopoly feat the one and only, ever so LOVELY Tash.


12- Caramba – Lou Piensa feat. Rael Da Rima & Gaspar

Giving it up for my bro, Lou Piensa, and his killer track / video with Rael & Gaspar. This track is a preview for Lou’s solo project which could be dropping ??? Lou has yet to inform us all of his plans BUT  I’m sure when it’s time it will be QUALITY. The best things in life take time to prepare…Don’t we all know it!

You might know Lou best for his sick MC skills in Montreal’s super group, Nomadic Massive, who have been having an incredible year performing and doing their thing. Big up Brazil’s Rael Da Rima who is a phenomenal performer and talent to watch for. Can’t wait till he comes back to perform here in Montreal or (fingers crossed) when I get to see him in BRAZIL!






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