My evening with Cesaria Evora

This evening I stumbled upon a very special interview piece that I produced in 2007 while I was co-hosting World Skip The Beat on CKUT Radio in Montreal. Tonight I am pleased to share this outstanding memory with you.

I was blessed to have my first EVER interview as a radio journalist with the one and only Cesaria Evora.

I will never forget that evening. I was very nervous when I arrived at her hotel for the interview. Her first question to me was, “Is this your first time?’ I sighed, smiled, and replied ” Sim Senora”. She simply and sweetly said, “There’s always a first for everything.” That’s when I started to relax. After interviewing her, I told Cesaria that my mother was a huge fan and that she wanted to say Ola and thank you for the beautiful music. She told me to send my mother a hug and gave her two tickets for the show in Ottawa the next night!

THEN, I was given two front row seats at Place Des Arts to see the show (by José, her Portuguese tour manager) AND after the show was taken backstage to meet the 10 piece band, say hello to Cesaria again, and have a glass of wine with the entire crew! It was a magical night to say the least.






Below is my signed copy of the album…hehe!





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