Could You Be The One?

Today I was working with this new Electro Harmonix looping pedal and an idea started developing in the first 5 mins. Instantly, I started recording and all of a sudden Could You Be The One was born. Although , the idea came to me on the pedal, I switched back to Logic to record it.

The song is partially inspired by Bob Marley’s, Could You Be Loved. Perhaps, Bob’s song was unconsciously brought to mind after listening to my friend, Sev Dee’s new Bob Marley inspired project Mr Musick on Lexis’s Music Is My Sanctuary Podcast 045 this weekend. Check Sev Dee’s project cause it’s sounding dope! Also check Lexis’s podcast cause he killed it again with edition 045 ( I’m so pleased to be a part of it! ) Lexis played one of my new tracks, Other Side, which is a collaboration with my Portuguese brother Camplaix and which will be available soon enough! I’ll keep you posted!

And finally, I wanted to include my man Gene Pendon‘s beautiful painting, Cause and Effect, to accompany the song!




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