Consecrate its bright future now.

” My sense is that the seed of some great accomplishment is already germinating within you. It may take a while to be fully born, but I suggest we consecrate its bright future now.” Rob Brezny


It has indeed been a minute since I’ve written anything. Life just seems to happens and time passes quickly. Even when it seemed like I had nothing to share with you, everything was happening all at once.

Today I am thrilled to finally announce that MFTF will be dropping the first week of October, 2011 on Public Transit Recordings & TheFutureIsNow Productions.

I have been working consistently and diligently to get this baby out into the world. This project has been constantly developing and evolving since it’s conception nearly three year ago. Working on this body of work has also instigated an inevitable creative and personal evolution within me. I look forward to sharing it all with you over the next 12 weeks that lead up to the release.

Let the countdown begin. I’m gonna consecrate it’s bright future now!



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