Creativity : The Absence of Fear with Erykah Badu & MADE

Wow! Thanks to my man Gene for sending me this beautiful, inspirational video series featuring Erykah Badu on Visions of Visionaries produced by MADE. This was my first time learning about what MADE does and man am I hooked now.

I just love how Germans kick ass with inovative and inspirational artistic endeavors time and time again. Respect!

Here’s all about MADE

MADE is an extraordinary venue and artistic collective in the heart of Berlin, a creative spot where ideas can come to life in an outstanding fashion.

invented and created by pop artist tadiROCK & nico zeh and their team the space functions as a platform for artists from all walks of life, from contemporary art, to film, to music, to design, to any artistic disciplin the space offers room for creation at it´s finest.

MADE can be a gallery, a workspace, a studio, a stage, a laboratory, but most of all it is an extraordinary venue that invites you to be inspired.

MADE provides a platform for artists from all type of fields to realize ideas and make things happen: a place where they have absolute freedom and ownership of their projects.

the concept of MADE is simple, various creative minds come together to create and realize something they have never done before in a collective endeavor.

I love how Jaybo is on retreat in Portugal in order to create his next masterpiece!





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