My Kind of Art : The Knowing

I felt somewhat excited to have found the first official music video of the Weeknd ‘The Knowing’ only a couple hours after it was posted Thursday evening while I was browsing musical sites online. I saw the video even before FADER posted it!

I’ve seen hundreds & even thousands of videos in my time, but I was enthused to see Mikael Colombu‘s latest work of art. ‘The Knowing’ is totally nerdy and absolutely beautiful. As my good friend so bluntly put it last night when we watch it together “It’s a little cheesy…” Indeed, it is a little cheesy, but I love cheese in moderation and especially if it’s MY KIND of cheesy. Apparently I’m a big sucker for extremely passionate music videos that are seemingly influenced by Asian anime, Comic books, Space, Ethiopian history, and Mid-evil romantic notions.  I have no doubt that there will be lots of critisism of this clip, but honestly when is the last time you’ve seen a music video like this? Come on now, it’s simply refreshing!

Another thing that I find interesting concerning the Weeknd is that a bunch of serious music heads I know don’t seem to understand them or think they’re using some kind of predictable formula to garner fans and fame by mixing sexy R&B with inflections of epic Indie rock and emotional electronic sound scapes and beats. Really? You don’t understand how DAMN sexy the music is, or how beautiful Abel’s voice is combined with some great songwriting? You can’t feel that overwhelming sensuality seeping into every one of your pours as you listen closely to ‘What you Need” in your headphones?

I gotta say, I almost can’t understand how you can’t understand. But I will however agree that there are several less interesting songs on House of Balloons. I skip through quite a few of them actually, BUT a hand full of them remain on my play list and were originally on repeat for hours, days, and weeks when I first discovered them. Yes, the lyrics are slightly cliché being mostly about drugs and sexy self deprecating romantic thoughts. And perhaps if you’ve never gone through an angst filled, drug escaping, and sexually explicit period of your life, you may not even understand at all what the hell he’s going on about. But lyrics and formulas aside, the music speaks for itself. It stands out. It’s interesting and it seems to touch something inside that wasn’t being touched at that moment when they broke out.

I can’t help but be a fan. I can’t help the fact that their music moves me. I just like it and that’s enough for me.

I’m a tad late, but I just learned that the second Weeknd album, Thursday,  is available on their website. So what do you think I’m gonna do right now?

Damn straight I’m gonna download it.


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