Reach out to Reggie B

Yesterday I heard this dope ‘old’ track from two of my favorite music makers , Onra & Reggie B. Upon further research I realized that they just released the Reach Out EP in late 2011 of ‘old’ tracks together. I couldn’t help but find this odd. Why would they re-release older tracks on a separate EP now?

Don’t get me wrong, ‘New Worlds’ blew my mind the first time I heard it back in 2008 when Japan’s Circulations label,  Jay Scarlett and Dai Kurihara released it as part of an incredible compilation also titled New Worlds. I litterally listened to NWs on repeat for days on end. It was so fresh! Also, ‘High Hopes’ was one of my favorite jams from Onra’s epic album, Long Distance. Obviously these two guys make a magical musical combination…BUT still what was the method in this seemingly strange move?


Onra writes on the EP’s bandcamp site “I just heard my homie Reggie B got a fire in his home… I just wanted to reach out and try to help him. Here’s three of the songs we’ve been working on in the past, more to come in a hopefully brighter future.”- Onra

If you love these songs and have $5 to give, reach out to Reggie B!

We all want him to keep bringing us musical gems in the future, right?

Check the Reach out EP HERE



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