Meu Amor…Lisboa

I LOVE Lisboa! Some might say that I am biased, but I honestly don’t think anyone could come to this city and not fall in love. I don’t think it’s possible. Seriously, this town is magic. It’s full of amazing art, incredible food and wine, great music and cultural events, and lovely lovely lovely people. My time here has been incredible. I am sad to see this trip coming slowly to a close. I have only a couple days left and I intend to enjoy every single moment while I can. I will drink my 4 cafe’s a day very slowly and savor the fantastic wine and ridiculously fresh seafood.

My trip’s inevitable climax will be my performance tomorrow night at LX Factory along with an incredible roster of talents. Over the last 2 weeks I have been working diligently with my new found Portuguese band O ‘Swagg Boyz’ in the studio. We have been carving out fresh arrangements of a bunch of songs from my latest record (thanks to Filipe Campos’ s brilliant creative vision)  that we will perform for the first time tomorrow night. We’ll also be showcasing some new songs including my upcoming release with Portugal’s rising star DJ Ride which will be released later in 2012, a new song from my upcoming project with Future Falcon back home, and a brand new song that we wrote this last week while slaving away with O Boyz that is especially close to my heart called Madeira.

I’m so looking forward to sharing the show with you. If you’re in Lisbon, you know what to do tomorrow night. If not, we’ll be filming it so there will be a souvenir,  and of course some of the songs will be released later in 2012!

Muite Obrigada pra todo meus Lisboetas!

PS. ***Last night I had an incredible time performing at Cais Paraiso in Aveiro in the North of Portugal. It was a MAJOR highlight of my adventures in this wonderful country! I loved every minute of it. Muite Obrigada to Pedro, Mike, and the Cais Paraiso crew!!! They were absolutely lovely.

Boa Noite


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