12 – 21 – 12

It is said that Dec 21, 2012 marks the end of the Mayan calendar, and possibly the end of the world. I like to envision it as the end of one cycle of life and the start of a new one. The beginning of a new era, a time of transformation, and rebirth.

2012 was a BIG year. It was full of magical moments and very difficult ones. As each year comes to an end, I always like to reflect and look back upon what has happened over the last 12 months. It helps me to appreciate the triumphs, learn from the challenges, and prepare to embark upon a brand new journey into the unknown. It allows for some kind of peaceful closure and makes room for a new beginning, new adventures, and a renewed sense of purpose. I’m so ready to rediscover and renew myself, to start a new cycle of life, to redefine what’s important, set new goals, and face the next phase of life challenges. I love what has been and will willingly let it all go. Before the year is through I want to share some of my most meaningful musical moments of 2012, but for now I’d just like to say goodbye to this moment.

Here’s a song I wrote while traveling through the magical land of the Philippines last winter. It’s called ‘Breathe Deeply’ and it was written in collaboration with the UK’s Cuttooth. It will be released in 2013 on 4lux White.

Have happy, safe, and healthy holidays.

Proud Orchids