2016 musical gems


I am pleased to be living out the last days of 2016. This was a difficult year for many reasons, however we need to be grateful for the musical gems that were birthed during the last 364 days. Here are a couple of my favorite tracks of 2016.


Barcelona & I’m a Stone – River Tiber – INDIGO 

I need to give River Tiber a special mention here. Indigo is definitely my TOP RECORD of 2016. The whole thing is brilliant, from start to finish. I was a little surprised to not see many people giving this album props on the various blogs etc…I think he deserves much more recognition for his stellar musicianship, songwriting, and vocals, but like many things, perhaps more appreciation will come with time. A big thanks to RT for inspiring me to no end this year!

Beautiful People – Mark Pritchard feat. Thom Yorke 

An absolutely gorgeous work of melancholy art by two master musicians. This ode to loss is musically and visually stunning.

Bullets – Kaytranada feat. Little Dragon

Cudos to Kaytranada for sharing his great debut album this year. Although ‘Leave Me Alone’ was already a favorite from last year, this records’ top track for me, hands down, is Bullets.  Ps…The record’s artwork is amazing.


 Welcome To The Jungle – Aaradhna 

I can’t get this track out of my mind. I absolutely love everything about it.

Consideration – Rihanna feat. SZA

This track makes me mental. SZA is flawless.

Ngoni – Africaine 808 

The whole record is great.

4 Degrees – ANOHNI ( produced by Hudson Mohawke and Oneohtrix Point Never )

Yes to consciousness! Earth awareness, dope production, and a transgendered artist getting recognition. F*$K yeah.

Go Slow – Electric Wire Hustle 

Here’s another band that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Mara TK always brings some serious musical heat.

Don’t touch my hair – Solange feat. Sampha

The best part of the song is when Sampha comes in, and they jam out on the chorus. Killer video too. BUT why hasn’t Solange credited SAMPHA on youtube…Artists need to remember and credit their collaborators! Shiiiiiiiit


Happy New Years! Let’s make some SICK music in 2017! ONE LOVE

Sarah ❤


$Rihanna feat. SZA –  Consideration


Only Human Music Video and things…

It’s been a minute once again since I’ve written. Time flies by and the last couple months have been happening so quickly. I just wanted to take a moment and share some updates.

We had an amazing MFTF album launch party in Montreal on October 6th at Le Belmont. Thanks again to all those that helped, participated, attended, and supported us that night! It was a great success and I couldn’t have done it without all of you! xo

If you missed it don’t worry. I am currently planning shows in Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal so more details will soon come!

Also, I’m thrilled so say that the album is finally available online as of Oct. 11, 2011. You can message me if you want to support by buying a physical CD signed or you can grab a copy from iTUNES or Public Transit Recordings website.

We have been getting some incredible feedback about the record from all over the world and I’ve had the pleasure of some great interviews and reviews. I’ll post all that info ASAP!

One of the most exciting things that has happened during the process of preparing to launch the album is shooting my VERY FIRST MUSIC VIDEO EVER for Only Human! This song is one of my favorites on the record and was produced by Moonstarr.

Honestly, this was one of the most amazing things that I’ve done for my music career thus far. Simply because I’ve wanted to make a music video for my own song FOREVER….at least since I was a kid watching Much Music every day after school. I always thought to myself ‘one day Sarah you’re gonna have your own video too.’ Well…that day is fast approaching. The video is being edited as we speak.

OH SHOOT! We shot until 2am in this perfect little Mile End studio on a cold windy night a week or so ago. I give thanks to the amazing team that worked on it with me. To Lisa Sim from Sim Minerals for doing my makeup, Gene Pendon for his essential help and art direction, and Brian Armstrong, the videographer and director of the video. Watch for it!

Here are a couple shots from the shoot.