O Mistério do Samba

Wow, I almost missed the Festival Du Film Bresilien De Montreal 09! But I realized last night that the film that I HAVE to see, O Mistério do Samba, is playing tonight at Cinema du Parc at 9pm. As you may or may not know, I have been dancing samba for about 7 years now. I have also had the absolute pleasure of playing surdo (Brazilian bass drum) with Vovo’s Estacao Da Luz Samba School for about 2 years. I was, at one time, simply obsessed with dancing, listening, and playing samba. I lived and breathed it for a moment or two. Today, I find myself less obsessed yet still fascinated and in love with this beautiful and joyful musical expression. I feel blessed to keep this magical rhythm forever in my heart and soul.

O Mistério do Samba

The Mystery of Samba is a documentary that explores the everyday life of the members of Velha Guarda da Portela – the legendary group of samba school players holding the record for the most titles won in the Rio carnival – and how this life becomes the inspiration for their beautiful songs. Guided by contemporary singer-songwriter Marisa Monte, who interviews many of the musicians, the film also delves into Velha Guarda’s history. A must see for all music lovers with special appearances by contemporary stars Paulinho da Viola and Zeca Pagodinho.


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